Daniel randolph and blake lively dating

We had a few good contenders, but Alex who played Henry, was just like if you made computer program of what Chuck and Blair's kid would look like he would come out. When did you know that Chuck and Blair were endgame?

William is going to let her enjoy her teacup full of gin and be as much like her mother as she's likely going to become.

counterparts--Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humprey--ended their relationship, Penn and Blake soon called it quits as well, with reps for the couple confirming their split in 2010.

Now that both have moved on, with Blake marrying Ryan Reynolds last year, and Penn in a relationship with Zoe Kravitz, the 26-year-old actor is dishing on his former relationship with Blake in an interview with .

October 2011 - Present Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were first rumored in October 2011, after they worked on 'Green Lantern' together.

They hadn't even officially confirmed they were dating when they tied the knot in September 2012 in South Carolina.

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