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Search for a rink near you that offers human ice bowling.

Take turns being the “bowling ball” by sitting in a saucer—you’ll push each other down the ice to knock over human-sized “bowling pins” at the other end of the rink. Tell her you’re in the market for a new winter sweater, and that you want her help in picking out the perfect one.

Upfront: this is not even kind of free, but it is probably the cheapest way to stuff your face and call it an event.

You need a local Chinatown, long undies, and a whole lot of one-dollar bills.

To make the dip a deux even steamier, tease him by letting the bubbles cover some of your body while revealing other parts. Pick him up from work, and whisk him away to a burger joint where you can dig into some red meat together and enjoy a few beers.

Follow it up with tickets to a basketball game or a "dick flick" he's been dying to see.

Picnicking isn't strictly a springtime activity. Lay out a plush blanket (bonus if it's in front of a fireplace) and pack a basket full of cold-weather goodies like mac and cheese and apple pie to cozy it up inside. We like the idea of putting out cookie dough bites, white chocolate chips, marshmallows and other wintry treats so you can both top it the way you like it.

You need a certain level of intimacy to pull this off — specifically, a level of intimacy where it won’t be weird to have this stranger in your house and you would also like to kiss them — but you basically need nothing else. A flea market is a legitimate way to take a winter stroll while taking advantage of modern heating technology.Organize a game of two-hand touch football with a few of your friends and her friends.Set up a full-blown tailgate in the parking lot and have everyone bring a wintery item like chili, pot roast, hot cider and gingerbread cookies.Book tickets at a fancy theater, opera or orchestra performance and dress up in your finest.Because seeing each other in something other than your comfiest winter sweats will give you a whole new outlook on each other.

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