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This community is mostly based in London, here you’ll find busy professionals looking for their next partner.

When she'd arrived it was immediately obvious she was a good two stone heavier and a few dress sizes larger.One striking thing that few of us consider in our hectic day-to-day lives is just how much better overall quality of life is than it has ever been in any other point in history.Forbes reports that in the last 50 years, infant mortality rate is down two fold in developing nations and five times over in the first world; world hunger has dropped; and almost 90 percent of all children in the world are now enrolled in elementary school.In today’s incredibly busy, globally interconnected world, it can be easy to unintentionally start taking things for granted.Given that Thanksgiving was yesterday, now’s a good time to stop for a minute and consider what we, as the human race, have collectively to be thankful for.

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