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Here are the facts: The murder rate in Colombia is much higher than in the U.

S., but what you must keep in perspective is that if you take a very, very small number and multiply it 5 or 6 times you still have a very small number.

It’s not really fair to compare the two cities if you haven’t been to both of them. But I have also traveled to Panama City several times on vacation plus I have friends living in Panama City.

I have seen a few comparisons of Medellín vs Panama City but these tend to miss several very important points or have a bias. This comparison comprehensively compares these two cities in 20 categories, in no particular order.

Medellín vs Panama City, Panama, which is the better city to live?

Both have been rated as two of the top foreign retirement locations. International living even ranks the country of Panama as its top foreign retirement location this year.

One of the many advantages of having a wife from Colombia is the Colombian women culture.

There are two primary reasons for this: Firstly, the coastal areas draw tourists that the government protects for tourism revenue.

What I know is this: finding out if you’re compatible with a Colombian woman can be a complicated endeavor, just like it can be anywhere.

There is no one way to woo one of them, because of all the variables. During my time in the states, more often than not, Ryan attempt to talk to a woman at nightclub = rejection.

I’m simply going to tell you some of my experiences in nearly three years living here, as well as information I’ve gathered from friends, both Colombian and foreign, men and women, and then you can decide what you want to do with it. I’m not saying it can’t happen, I’m just saying it’s less likely. Now that I think about it, it’s not all that different here. Other people have had success with online dating sites.

If you are planning to meet a woman at a club, a salsa club is probably the best kind of venue. My favorite avenue is through mutual friends, a situation that makes me feel most comfortable.

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