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Once cultivated, it is washed with thermal waters and tended for a year so the healthy bacteria and algae can reach maturation.

It is the mud that emanates from the rich volcanic soils of Ischia, an island in the Gulf of Naples that has drawn health-conscious disciples since Roman times. Certainly, the Italian Ministry of Health doesn't think so.

It is being called the biggest child exploitation investigation in Saskatchewan and its scope may make history nationwide by the time the case is finally completed."It could be years. "Who's to say where he's been, how many locations he's lived at or been to, how many police forces and how many victims, how many others are involved?

It could be very large in the end."Within weeks of Philpott's arrest on child pornography charges in October 2007, the popular youth mentor, minister, Big Brother and coach faced new charges for sexually abusing children.

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As she’s packing, she stumbles across a secret diary that no one knows she keeps and begins to revisit her own sordid past. She also thinks about how cute she thinks Jeffrey French is.But when police officers followed an electronic trail into Darren Philpott's basement suite in northwest Regina last fall, they discovered something far larger than they could possibly have imagined: More than three million pornographic images involving hundreds -- even thousands -- of child victims and deep connections to the trade of child pornography around the world. Some of the images show him sexually abusing children.Videos he made show young children naked, filmed without their knowledge in the locker rooms of the Lawson Aquatic Centre and Sandra Schmirler and Northwest Leisure Centre swimming pools in Regina, and at Philpott's home. Dave Wyatt, who oversees the Integrated Child Exploitation Unit at the Regina Police Service. Not, he explained with a dismissive flick of the hand, that common-or-garden variety, that muck.His mud contains a therapeutic array of minerals, he continued, brandishing an A4-length list under my nose to prove his point.

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