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Khannea charges 750 Lindens (about at current exchange rates) per half hour “of varied activity,” but clients generally tip more.

The apocalypse isn't a pretty place to try to survive in, and neither is every scene in a story trying to describe it. Monsters burst out from cracks in the universe, and reality suddenly begins to function similar to a game -- but not a game that anyone knows all the rules about! Since He liked what he saw, he must've declared, """"On the 8th Day, let there be Game! After all, I'm just """"The Witness"""" forced to observe it all.__________________________________________________________________________Author's Note: There's a lot of tales where characters get stuck in a Virtual Reality. We invented video games, and personally I think that great Finger-in-the-Sky picked up a console somewhere and started playing them. Hopefully this won't just be a story of """"reality turned into a game"""", but instead will be something more meaningful such as a story of the strengths, perseverance, and humanity of man-kind as they try to adapt and face the unknown.*** And, most importantly, I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I want this tale to speak about the aspects of the game, as it has affected the current reality, but the focus of the story should never be on the """"reality-turned-game"""" itself, but on the characters and their oh-so-human struggles, personalities, and attempt to adjust and live within the bounds of their new existence.

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