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Ashley is, and I quote “the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters.” It was founded by the so-called “King of Infidelity”, Noel Biderman, and has 32 million users worldwide, 282 000 of which are from South Africa.My initial thoughts when I saw this was ‘what the actual fuck?

No long-term relationship would survive a strict regime of full disclosure enforced with depositions taken under oath, regularly scheduled lie detector tests, truth serums disguised as artificial coffee creamers, et cetera.

You are not committed to anyone and are free to do whatever with whomever. As a single women, I try to enjoy this freedom as much as I can, so by the time I settle down I will have no regrets and I’ll (hopefully) be ready to commit to my significant other fully.

This is what I believe being in a committed relationship is.

One of the perks of being single is ability to juggle a number of partners guilt free.

You can go out, hook up with a hot stranger and meet the guy you are vibing with for coffee the next day with hardly any fuss.

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