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From one lifetime to the next, your twin flame and you could appear in many forms for many reasons.I once encountered a grandmother and granddaughter who were twin flames.Over the years many people have written to me in pain over their Twin Flame, thinking that they have met him or her in the physical realm/third dimension.Yes, people do meet their beloved in the physical, but it is still rare and can be very painful when there is still karma to work through.

Having received so many stories from lost souls over the years about twin flame separation, I thought I’d finally write about this topic.

There is only one Twin Flame who is your Divine Counterpart and the other half of you.

There is no Love so great as that of your Twin Flame and words only touch the surface in describing the depth of Love between you.

In fact most twin flames once they get into separation and connection mode…runner twin will try everything to lead a normal life.

Which includes dating / relationship commitment / marriage.

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