Updating machine config

Machine.config contains configuration settings for machine-wide assembly binding, built-in remoting channels, and ASP. The configuration system first looks in the machine configuration file for the and other configuration sections that a developer might define.It then looks in the application configuration file.For example, if you have a third-party component that both your client and server application uses, it is easier to put the settings for that component in one place.In this case, the machine configuration file is the appropriate place for the settings, so you don't have the same settings in two different files.To keep the machine configuration file manageable, it is best to put these settings in the application configuration file.However, putting the settings in the machine configuration file can make your system more maintainable.This means that you can easily start and stop services: This is very nice and so much easier being able to deal with objects.

When machine.config is used, sometimes people face problems accessing the machine.config values. Debugging this mystery is time consuming and sometimes even causes release to be rolled back when the code is already deployed and config is the last thing to be applied.The settings of Machine.config file are applied to the whole applications on your server whereas the settings made in the Web.config file are applied to that particular web application only. NET Framework version has only one machine.config file , at the same time, each web application has its own web.config file.Directories inside a web application can also have web.config files too.Therefore, if your machine.config values are not getting picked up in your application then check the configuration files in the sequence mentioned above to see if clear tag is present. If during development you have 32 bit version and production has 64 bit version windows operating system installed then you will be surprised that your machine.config values are not getting picked.In machines running 64 bit operating system, updating the machine.config of 32 bit version, will not reflect the changes.

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