Validating textbox using javascript

A decent start, but a) although it warns users if they hit an icorrect key, the character is still entered into the textbox, so could still be submitted; b) users can still paste illegal characters in, and this code will not pick up on this.

Validating web forms is a critical skill for any web developer, ensuring that the data that's submitted is complete, accurate, and nonmalicious before it's sent off to the server.

can we pass texbox as an argument into javascript how to achieve this Thanks in Advance you can do this in two ways.

Add required field validators for every textbox and add a validation summary contol.

Join author Ray Villalobos in this course as he shows how to validate input from site visitors with HTML5, Java Script, and j Query and then process the data with PHP.

Plus, learn how to email form data and save it in a My SQL database so that it's ready for other applications.

set validation group property for all validators, summary and button.

when you click the button , it will validate all validators from its validation group and display the message.

you can use change event to get selected item value(Field1) . use j Query Ajax send this value to Web Method, then query Field2 accord to this value and return it to Ajax. you can write something in textbox, and click button, at this time, you can compare return value and textbox value. Best Regards, Eric Du MSDN Community Support Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" the responses that resolved your issue.

Shows you how to write a script that ensures your form is filled in correctly before it's sent to your server.

Great for "required fields" such as email addresses!

Hi all, i am working on, for example in a form they are 10 text boxes i want to validate each textbox if it is empty it should display a alert message.

how to achieve this by using a single javasript method.

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